As I stand here and wonder why it took me so long to realize the time has faded and the one I love is gone away,

Even thou you are gone, I still can’t believe the decision that you made after all these times, I was thinking that we are meant to be together because you made me believe and still, I grief about us, and I always remember when you wipe away the tears on my cheeks and your eyes always told me that I can make it through in this life,

It seems our hardship always collide with our beliefs, I know something has broken inside and it needs to be fixed,

If I could have a chance anyway, I would keep myself and find a way, sometimes dreams are meant to be broken but it will still remains at somehow,

Honey, don’t you even remember? You are the only one that I gave last pieces of my broken heart maybe I’ll be gone but I keep us in my heart, as I always remember where we resided.

Adam Adley

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