As I walking down the streets while I look up beyond the horizon and the breeze soothes my skin carefully, still a little bit tear laying down on my cheeks,

As the leaves falling down while the universe paralyzed my feelings and memories, still a little bit deed that I haven’t done,

As everything has changed while the world is being cruel and it is a terrible place to live, still I don’t want to die even thou I already dead inside,

As wheels are turning down and the cold air trickles down my spine, still we believe the lights even thou the lights can fade away,

As I counting the years and learning for each day,  still a little bit the taste of72260276-autumn-leaves-with-rain-drops-done-in-black-and-white your lips remains on my broken soul, the moment we searched for is here;

“May your efforts be your own if you ever feel you can’t take it anymore.”

Adam Adley



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