Late spinning night that I was looking for a ride,

I stand still because of the moment,
we delightfully enjoy that, as I lay here beyond the fallen, and now you speak as your words peacefully haunt this silence

Like memories of every moment
Tucked, one after another,
Everything’s is just something else
I forget to remember,

Nothing lasts forever,
truly sometimes beautiful things don’t
Yet they are worth the sum of all tears-
Holding on and letting go.

Adam Adley


I was wrong, eventually, I denied myself for loving you at those times because there’s a giant inside my soul that I still fight and I don’t want you to feel the impact,

As the day passed by, I was hurting myself by looking at you, so I tried to hold myself back as it feels so cold deep down inside,

Honey but you always insist to love me even thou I have to suffer from it yet I still look at you as a friend, yeah a friend of life,

Maybe I was wrong to believe in you, but at some point, I want to feel so loved yet I couldn’t help myself from loving you

“Nobody knows what lies ahead so I drink cheers to yesterday hoping this feeling carried away.”

Adam Adley


As I stand here and wonder why it took me so long to realize the time has faded and the one I love is gone away,

Even thou you are gone, I still can’t believe the decision that you made after all these times, I was thinking that we are meant to be together because you made me believe and still, I grief about us, and I always remember when you wipe away the tears on my cheeks and your eyes always told me that I can make it through in this life,

It seems our hardship always collide with our beliefs, I know something has broken inside and it needs to be fixed,

If I could have a chance anyway, I would keep myself and find a way, sometimes dreams are meant to be broken but it will still remains at somehow,

Honey, don’t you even remember? You are the only one that I gave last pieces of my broken heart maybe I’ll be gone but I keep us in my heart, as I always remember where we resided.

Adam Adley

Fallen Stars

As the stars colliding when the cold breeze shivering my skin yet I feel so uncertain about something,

In between the time and space, it paralyzed my thought while it seems like going forever but I don’t know when it would slip away,

So many things to do with so little times, plants die, seasons change, and people will soon say goodbye,

”We didn’t realize what we were doing but we just making memories.”

-Adam Adley


Some of the fundamental rules of self loss in the history of a humankind commonly-known as delusion or false sight or unknown sound to the heart,

Is this psychotic and toxicity or out of touch with reality experiencing false belief? Or a simple definition of self-destructive,

A bunch of lies to cover up one’s brokenness in the sight of many

but it is broken and dead inside,

The massive void of my chest banishing my entire body,

There’s too much life that is being ripped off from my soul on each breathes that I take beneath this nostril as I can feel it,

They say some nice words from some people of somewhere could cure pain

But why do some nice words feel painful?

“I have lost touch with the reality as the reality chased my soul as it take me to nowhere.”

Adam Adley