Remain Silent

As we mesmerized our beliefs at the end of the night as it roughly collides, and if I falling into your heart, would you shred it to let me in?

As the sun goes down like sand between these fists almost losing faith as our feelings have grown in, and if I faded away from you would you even glanced?

As we looked all slipped away as it goes against the windblown and if I doubted everything just to see what fate would bring to us, would you stayed with me tonight?

“Only for a while, until it feels like love as it feels hurts enough, only if it hurts inside.”


As I walking down the streets while I look up beyond the horizon and the breeze soothes my skin carefully, still a little bit tear laying down on my cheeks,

As the leaves falling down while the universe paralyzed my feelings and memories, still a little bit deed that I haven’t done,

As everything has changed while the world is being cruel and it is a terrible place to live, still I don’t want to die even thou I already dead inside,

As wheels are turning down and the cold air trickles down my spine, still we believe the lights even thou the lights can fade away,

As I counting the years and learning for each day,  still a little bit the taste of72260276-autumn-leaves-with-rain-drops-done-in-black-and-white your lips remains on my broken soul, the moment we searched for is here;

“May your efforts be your own if you ever feel you can’t take it anymore.”

Adam Adley




It is been a long time since the last time our gaze was colliding as your eyes always told me the same thing, I always believe we still remain at somehow, even thou our love and hatred always take us to nowhere, and from brokenness and hardship that we made, I will still yearn for us,IMG_0102

“Honey, even I have to suffer from it, I would remember us before my last breath.”

Adam Adley

A Place

For unknown reasons that feelings always haunted me down sometimes I just need a break for everything, it seems every step on a ladder take me now


here but down, everything has an end at some point, letting go the things doesn’t mean I can forget and will remember, you always leave marks in a place of my heart wherever I go or been through it will stay at somehow.

“The way you looked at me it is always told me that I can make it through in this life.”

 Adam Adley


In between the dark world we live in, there is another perception as it divided into two,
The home I know it seems too far, the people I know are always different, and it always seems as it is, no matter what will happen I always engulfed by the things that

img_20160510_155343.jpgI couldn’t reach or imagined before.

Somehow that things taught me a thing or two, I just close my eyes when I am in doubt, let it break as it slipped away, let it hollow as it still remains, and let it fall as it has broken.

“I lay here amongst the loneliness and sadness as I remember all the things that we used to be.”


Adam Adley